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Postpartum doula teaching dad baby wearing

"Cindy is an outstanding postpartum doula who takes great care of both parents and babies, and we're so grateful we were able to have her help.

She is incredibly organized, knowledgeable, and helpful, with everything from postpartum recovery for the mother to the many needs of an infant and supporting parents in general.

She knows how to nurture mothers well, as she created countless healing meals and foods from scratch, including making real bone broth, collagen protein smoothies, hidden liver meatloaf and spaghetti, soups, congees, and stews.  They felt extremely nourishing and were also very tasty, with plenty to save for leftovers in our freezer.

She helped us also as new parents, providing lessons and guidance on everything from feeding, changing, burping, bathing, to baby wearing (carrier wraps) and so much more, answering questions we didn't even know to ask!  She went above and beyond our expectations in so many ways, including creating guides and educational magnets that we could stick on the fridge.

Cindy is also one of the warmest, kindest people you'll ever meet, and she brings peace and calm to a difficult time - the first several weeks after returning home from the hospital when you're learning to take care of a newborn on very little sleep!

We definitely recommend Cindy to anyone who wants to make the postpartum experience more manageable for the mother, baby, and the whole family."


Adam W

Happy mother and newborn posing for photo

"Cindy was an amazing help to me after the birth of my baby.  Her kindness, knowledge of baby care, postpartum tips & tricks, and help with my other children so I could get rest was priceless. She cooked delicious meals and made healthy smoothies!  She even gave me a foot rub!  It made my recovery go so much smoother this time!"

Silvia & Enzo K

Happy mother holding sleeping newborn

"Cindy was a wonderful person to have around after having my fourth baby.  She was very kind, patient, nurturing and pampering!  She answered any questions I had!  I really appreciated her help, sweet spirit, and the way she carried herself as a professional doula!"

Valerie & Gideon N

Happy mother holding newborn against her face

"Cindy was a wonderful, knowledgeable Postpartum Doula and supported me so I could rest and be with my baby.  She recognized when my baby had thrush and prompted me to bring it to the attention of our Pediatrician in time.  She was a huge encouragement, a cheerleader, and a loving supportive help with my other children as well.  They loved helping her make oatmeal cookies and they absolutely loved having her around.  I couldn't thank her enough for all her help even with delicious homemade meals!" 

Victoria & William G.

Newborn asleep on hispanic mother's chest

"Cindy is a genuinely caring and nurturing person. It was such a pleasure to have her in our home. She made sure I was comfortable during our postpartum visits and I felt at ease as she helped with practical things and cooking too! Cindy was attentive and so supportive of my needs and especially considerate of the unique needs of our large family while being respectful of our space."

Lorraine & Nico M.

Newborn in quiet alert state looking at happy mother

"It has been a real comfort to be able to have virtual doula services from Cindy through her Virtual Postpartum Support Package.  My husband and I took her Postpartum Planning Guide Course and How to Maximize Sleep Course together and I took her Prenatal Breastfeeding Course.  Cindy interweaves evidence-based information with her personal experience in an engaging and meaningful way.  Her presentations are very well prepared and she is knowledgeable answering questions.  She was also really thoughtful with the way she checked in with us to see how to relate it to our needs. After the birth, Cindy was very prompt in responding to questions and providing resources at the right time.  Rather than "going down a rabbit-hole" searching for information online, it created more ease being able to reach out to her and get prompt advice and links to reliable websites and books.  During the Zoom meetings, for example, she could observe my breastfeeding and offer guidance for a better latch and encouragement to keep at it. I am proud to report that I am exclusively breastfeeding, my daughter is healthy and growing well and I still have my sanity.  Cindy was a big help and I highly recommend her services."

Greta L.

Mother holding newborn

"Cindy is a great Postpartum Doula and has such a nurturing and caring heart and attitude.  Our postpartum experience with Cindy was virtual, as we ended up being out-of-State when our daughter was born.  She walked me through breastfeeding, including positioning, how to encourage a proper latch, and how to keep my sleepy baby aroused for her feedings. She was readily available to answer our many questions.  Cindy also offered prenatal courses and these really helped us feel more prepared for caring for our daughter the moment we arrived home from the hospital.


All in all, we highly recommend her services.  Her guidance throughout the first several weeks with our new baby was an enormous blessing to our young family!"

Nicole L.

"I highly recommend Cindy and Welcome Baby Postpartum Care!!  Cindy helped my wife and I with our first born and provided a multitude of services and guidance we needed.  These services ranged from caring for our infant overnight while we slept, developing our parenting goals and teaching best practices on things like bathing.  She also did laundry and provided a menu to cook for us when we asked.  Last, Cindy provided help and information before and after our time with her in the form of videos and pamphlets so we can continue on with what she taught us.  She's truly an expert in infant care." 

Brian B, Redondo Beach


Reni: "Cindy was a very helpful and kindhearted doula and had awesome knowledge about breastfeeding and soothing our baby. She was with us from our first day of arriving home from the hospital with our newborn and was a huge help!"


Gordon: "Cindy is full of care and love and worked selflessly to make sure that we were being taken care of. She was punctual, and always responded promptly whenever we needed to contact her. She was very thoughtful and also very respectful of our personal space. We highly recommend Cindy's support!"

Gordon, Reni & Vince F

mattie and liam_edited.jpg

"Cindy was a lifesaver to us as we welcomed our first son home!   Cindy not only provided overnight support for our newborn but also shared her knowledge and years of experience to help prepare us as first time parents.  With her kindness and compassion Cindy treats your child with the upmost care as well as cares for mom's postpartum needs.  We are forever grateful for the support Cindy provided our family during this special time."

Mattie G

Mother holding newborn baby in bed

"Cindy is truly such an amazing person and helped our family so much after we had our third baby. She nurtured our family in so many ways! From day one, she jumped right in and did all the meal planning, grocery shopping and cooked up a storm in the kitchen to provide fresh food that would nourish my family. She went above and beyond by spoiling me not only with meals, but healthy snacks, lactation cookies, fresh juices and so much more!  She also anticipated my needs by making sure I was drinking enough water and brought me a weighted bean pillow she heated for the after birth pains. She lovingly watched the siblings and spent quality time with them, allowing me to rest, shower and bond with my newborn. She also had such wonderful tips for breastfeeding to alleviate soreness and helped that process go smoother. Not only did she spoil me but also my baby by giving her a French bath which my baby absolutely loved!  I would highly recommend her to anyone I know!"

Danica & Nati P.

Happy mother laying next to her newborn boy

"We are pleased to write a review for Cindy. She is God sent to us. My husband and I, as first-time parents, thought we were ready for the baby. All newborn and lactation classes were helpful, but Cindy’s personal touch and care made a difference. I would not even think we could do it without her supervision. She showed us all the proper baby techniques for breastfeeding, swaddling, bathing, and much more. Furthermore, Cindy could take so much off our shoulders. She cooked and helped with laundry. She managed to give personal and emotional care to me with her soft voice, gentle touch, and foot rubs.        

Ultimately, she was the perfect postpartum doula for us. All the knowledge, tender care, and education she provided us on newborn care gave me confidence. Cindy’s structural and strategic teaching set a solid foundation for us. Even after the weeks passed by, and now we are sufficiently able to handle our son, she is still only a phone call or a text message away.  Amazingly, she still checks on us and reassures us. 

If you are ever looking for a postpartum doula, Cindy has a wealth of knowledge that is worth everything. She made a world of difference for us. Super Doula Cindy forever became a part of our family and in our prayers."

Rita and Aaron H.

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