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Overnight Support

Baby keeping you up all night?  Sleep deprivation is the number one challenge new parents face.  Running on empty from a lack of sleep makes it difficult to bond and lovingly care for one's newborn and can contribute to postpartum depression, relationship struggles, reduced breastmilk volume, and a longer recovery period!

  • I care for baby throughout the night to help maximize parents' sleep and speed up Mama's recovery! I understand how important the first weeks are to establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship, and I can recognize a healthy baby's hunger cues and respond to them promptly.

  • I bring baby to you for night feedings while keeping the lights dim so you can doze as you breastfeed. I make sure you are comfortable with supportive pillows as you nurse your baby. I replenish your water and snack stash as needed.

  • After you are done breastfeeding your baby I burp, change, swaddle and soothe your baby back to sleep in a different room, all the while allowing you to rest peacefully knowing that your baby is being well taken care of!

  • If your baby is bottle-fed formula, or if you feel like sleeping through one feeding session to catch up on sleep even more I can support you by feeding baby your pumped breastmilk upon your pre-approved request.

  • I maintain a log of your baby's feeding and sleeping patterns, and other relevant observations in an effort to lay the foundation for healthy sleep associations.

  • Time permitting, I tidy up the kitchen, and fold laundry while baby sleeps. I might even surprise you by making a batch of homemade muffins, overnight oats, a breakfast bake or a pot of nourishing soup every once in a while as the situation allows!

  • I teach sleep strategies, baby care tips, baby soothing tips, bonding tips, breastfeeding tips, mother’s recovery tips and ways to prevent and/or reduce the chance of plugged ducts and mastitis, as well as what to do if they do occur!

  • I screen for any issues beyond my scope of practice and provide resources and/or make referrals when necessary.

  • I also help the mother relax if needed by offering to set up a lavender Epsom salt foot soak and/or a shoulder or foot rub, and I hold space for her to express her emotions and release tension.


My main priority during overnight shifts is to focus on your baby, care for your baby and watch your baby’s cues and respond to them appropriately and quickly, allowing the family to sleep, while supporting and minimizing mother’s breastfeeding efforts.

Night shifts available in 8-10 hour increments, preferably 5 consecutive nights at $53-55/hr.

Get in touch for details by filling out the Contact Form for more information or request to book an "Initial Consultation" to chat and see if we are a good fit!

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